We need an inquiry into the BC Children and Adults ADHD Clinic Donation Scandal My Story in the Georgia Straight

I’m in this weeks Georgia Straight a Vancouver based weekly newspaper along with Dr. Margaret Weiss ex BC ADHD clinic chief commenting on the $3 million dollar BC children and adult ADHD clinic donation scandal. Matt Burrows wrote the story. We need an inquiry into this scandal.

See my previous post medical bureaucrats at BC Children’s Hospital & PHSA botch multimillion dollar donation for desperately needed BC Adult & Children’s ADHD clinic. Vancouver Sun health reporter Pamela Fayerman broke this story, her follow up story here.

It’s scandalous that desperate ADHD adults and parents of children with ADHD can’t find people properly trained in diagnosing ADHD in BC. Of the few who are trained in diagnosing and medically treating ADHD,  many do not even have wait lists, and those who do often have very long wait lists.

Don James, the Harley Davidson CEO who has a family member with ADHD,  for 3 years generously tried to give a $3 million donation for an BC adult and childrens lifecycle ADHD clinic to the medical bureaucrats at:

BC Children’s Hospital

The Provincial Health Services Authority PHSA

BC Mental Health Foundation

Although there was initial interest, no one got back to him with a plan or promise to use the money, he said

For 3 YEARS!!! How often in the health system is someone offering you a $3 million donation for a badly needed service? He tries to do the right thing, and that’s how he was treated?

I have people email me every DAY asking for a some name of people who can diagnose ADHD in the Vancouver area, and outside that? Even worse. BC is very backwards on ADHD. I’ve lost track of how many horror stories that have been told to me by adults with ADHD who couldn’t get diagnosed or their doctor didn’t bother to do so or dismissed the possibility of them having ADHD.

And they had access to the money all the time to HELP those people for 3 YEARS but never used it? Disgraceful. Shameful.

I’ve called for an inquiry into this scandal. Dr. Margaret Weiss has agreed.

“I definitely think that there should be an inquiry, because this is not the only instance in which a major donation has not been accepted by the health authority,” Weiss claimed in a phone interview. “And so, given the extreme budgetary constraints on provision of medical services, the fact that they are turning down much-needed money in areas of care that are particular gaps in our system needs to be investigated.”

Matt Burrows of the Georgia Straight for Health minister Mike De Jong comment on the scandal and was told Mike de Jong was “out of the country” and would not be able to respond. Really? No phone or email available in 2012? Where was he? On an arctic ice floe?

The BC Liberal govt closed down the only public adult ADHD clinic in BC 5 years ago after having a politically embarrassing 12-14 month wait list for an entire year. Still closed. I asked then NDP health critic Adrian Dix‘s (now BC NDP leader) office if they’d do something about it, but just got a lot of empty promises and nothing in the end.

There needs to be more than one public clinic for adults and children with ADHD in BC, but we can at least start with one.

The proposed BC adult and children’s lifecycle ADHD clinic seems to be in limbo now. I’ve been told Lion’s Gate Hospital in North Vancouver has been given the money it but it’s not clear if it’s going ahead.

Why hasn’t health minister Mike De Jong done something about this? What will he do about this badly botched multimillion dollar donation?

If you think this is wrong and there should be an inquiry about this, please contact these people and ask for one.

Also ask when they will reopen the much need BC adult ADHD clinic.

Contact BC Health Minister Mike De Jong Email mike.dejong.mla@leg.bc.ca Phone: 250 953-3547

Contact BC NDP health critic Mike Farnsworth mike.farnworth.mla@leg.bc.ca 250 387-3655

Contact the BC Conservative party conservatives@bcconservative.ca Toll Free:1+866-800-9025


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