I Gained Insight To My Behaviour, And Began To Take Control Of My Life Back

Another satisfied adult ADHD Coaching client

“I came to realize that I had ADD about a year and a half ago. I have known for a long time that I operated a little different from others, and certainly going back to my youth – I recall thinking, no – knowing – that I had some sort of learning disability. I also suffered from a few minor social mis-steps, which played badly on the teenage self esteem.

But I was quiet, an average student, and not a trouble maker, so not much was thought of it. It wasn’t until I was 32 years old that I was confirmed as having ADD. And I had made it to this point having actually done pretty good for myself. At least on the surface.

When I told my doctor that I thought maybe I had ADD, her reply was I couldn’t have it… I held a successful job and was doing very well for myself (and she is actually a very good doctor in all other respects).

But the truth was, while professionally I was doing okay, at least on the surface, my personal life was the one that was taking the hardest hit. It soon became apparent that if something didn’t change, my marriage would be in jeopardy. It later became obvious that a lot of things were out of balance – but I had just (barely) managed to keep most of the balls in the air. So I ‘appeared’ okay.

As part of the process to manage this, I decided that I needed a coach to help me as I was learning more about having ADD. It was probably one of the greatest gifts that I gave myself – both professionally, but even more importantly, personally.

With the help of Pete Quily, I learned why I work the way I do. He helped to educate me on why my brain functions the way it does because of ADD, why I can be impulsive, why I love my sugar, hate mornings, and had a ‘time optimism’ that made my husband, and several others, just nuts. (and the list went on…)

Through my coaching with Pete, I gained insight to my behaviour, and began to take control of my life back. He gave me achievable tasks to get me on the right track, encouragement, education, and a no nonsense approach to taking responsibility for myself.

My ADD is sometimes my greatest strength, but left unmanaged, it can also be my greatest liability. I am now in a place where I feel much more in control of myself, and I am a happier, more balanced person. And my husband is a happier person too!

Coaching is an investment in ‘you’, and I would highly recommend Pete Quily for anyone with ADD. Or anyone who may need a coach (life stresses to work stresses to simply someone to help you get to the next level). He has helped make an enormous difference in my life.”

Alexis Whiting

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