BurnOuts in the Sky Fund Raiser For Bradley McPherson Memorial ADHD Scholarship Fund Aug 24th

This ADHD scholarship fundraiser and Car Show is happening this Saturday in memory of Bradley McPherson who had ADHD and was killed for being a Good Samaritan.

Great idea! ADHD students have more trouble in school than others, have higher rates of grade failure and drop outs. BC got a failing grade in CADDAC’s ADHD School Report Card

There are also many positives of ADHD too.

Bradley McPherson’s mom, Susan Simning said

“He’s always had cars, trucks… he was always working on them just as a hobby,” said  (below, with McPherson).

“If you showed up, he would detail the nines out of your car without you even asking.”

Brad Pherson’s mom, Susan Simning

Bradley McPherson, 28, was shot to death at an after-hours Christmas Eve house party in Surrey in 2011.

Always the guy who would stand up for others, said his mom, he spoke up when he saw someone being disrespectful to one of the party guests.

His intervention, however, wasn’t appreciated by everyone and a gun was turned on him.

Here’s Bradley’s Mom’s Susan Simning telling about the impact and information on the charges laid

She also mentions that

Brad had a love for cars all his life; I believe it started with his first Hot Wheel. But as he grew up and owned several vehicles of his own his favorite pass time was to attend the many Car Shows and Events in our Community. So I figured what better way to Celebrate and Honor my son but to throw him his own Show and Shine.

All the proceeds donated will go to this scholarship in his memory.


Here’s the details from Surrey 604

Bradley McPherson


Bradley McPherson Memorial Scholarship Fund


AUGUST 24TH, 2013 10AM to 5PM

Cloverdale Fairgrounds (Coverall next to Agriplex) 64th/176 ave

CARS TRUCKS AND BIKES $20.00 per vehicle*

Passengers   $5.00 each Walk-Ins $5.00 10 and under free


PEOPLES  CHOICE awards and prizes




The money from the fundraiser will go for scholarships for students with ADHD at

two schools – North Delta Secondary, where McPherson graduated, and Clayton Heights Secondary, where his sister is graduating next June.

Simning said because her son had ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), the scholarships will go to kids with similar learning needs.

“We first got him diagnosed when he was three-and-a-half because he wasn’t speaking well,” Simning recalled. “He struggled all through school.”

But McPherson didn’t let it hold him back from doing anything, his mom said.

“He made it work and he never gave up. He just kept on going and kept on going. He never let it crush him down.”

Here’s some info from CADDAC’s ADHD School Report Card which give ADHD backwards BC a failing grade.


If the student with ADHD does not have a coexisting Learning Disability or does not display significant disruptive behaviour, they will not be identified.

Students with ADHD and no diagnosed LD may be excluded from receiving accommodations for their academic disabilities.

This lack of recognition encourages educators to believe that ADHD is not a legitimate disability.

Recognition under behaviour can lead to academic weaknesses not being addressed and the students being stigmatized.

Only 30% of kids and adults with adhd have a learning disability. Most ADHD students do NOT have severe behavior problems. So while some individual teachers MAY help adhd students it totally depends on the teacher vs BC following more advanced examples of Newfoundland & Alberta which good good grades on CADDAC’s ADHD school report card

90% of adults with ADHD are undiagnosed and untreated. Higher rates of drug and alcohol addiction, depression, anxiety disorders, traffic tickets, accidents and deaths, all 3 eating disorders also 21-45% of prisoners in jail have ADHD.

IF properly managed ADHD can be a competitive edge, many people who create businesses have ADHD including some billionaires. Also see the top ten advantages of ADHD in a high tech career

Sadly too often ADHD gets ignored especially here in BC.

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