North Vancouver City Council Declares BC ADHD Awareness Week. Thanks Councillor Guy Heywood, Mayor Darrell Mussatto and City Councillors!

Cross posted to North Vancouver City Council October 6th 2014 has declared October 14-20th as BC ADHD Awareness Week. North Vancouver BC is now the third city in Canada to declare ADHD Awareness Week.

The first city in Canada to do so was Vancouver BC in 2011, then Airdrie, Alberta in 2013. One day our eastern cousins will finally catch up:)

ADHD Awareness has been national in the US since an act of the US Senate in 2004. Still not declared nationally in Canada’s parliament. Or any provincial legislatures.

That’s why we need more cities in BC and the rest of Canada to follow The City of North Vancouver leadership and declare ADHD Awareness week or month depending on the province, to help raise awareness of ADHD in adults and children and reduce the heavy burden of stigma.

My Vancouver Adult ADD Support Group volunteers and our partners are putting on the 3rd annual BC ADHD Awareness Week oct 14-20th to raise awareness of ADHD in adults and kids and reduce stigma. We have 120 BC libraries and bookstores doing ADHD book display in 60 communities in all regions of the province and an info table at Richmond Brighouse Library Friday October 17th.

Final BC ADHD Awareness Week 2014 Badge with URL

Thanks to North Vancouver city councillor Guy Heywood , twitter @RGuyInNorthVan his North Vancouver city council profile


for proposing North Vancouver City Council declare BC ADHD Awareness Week. I hope more city councillors in BC and elsewhere in Canada follow your example and initiative in helping to raise awareness of ADHD in adults and children and teens and to reduce stigma by asking your mayor to declare BC ADHD Awareness week

Thanks to North Vancouver City Mayor Darrell Mussatto  twitter @DarrellMussatto on Facebook website


For declaring BC ADHD Awareness Week. Hopefully more mayors in BC and in other provinces will follow your lead.

Here’s the official proclamation of  October 14-20th as BC ADHD Awareness Week by Mayor Darrell Mussatto.

North Vancouver City Council's Proclamation of BC ADHD Awareness Week October 14-20 2014

The City of North Vancouver’s Twitter account shared their support of BC ADHD Awareness Week

The City of North Vancouver’s Facebook page also shared it

North Vancouver City Library along with North Vancouver District’s Libraries, West Vancouver Library are doing their 3rd year of BC ADHD Awareness Week ADHD book displays. This year 120 BC Libraries in 60 communities are doing doing the same.

I spoke at North Vancouver city council meeting  @CityOfNorthVan during their Public Input Period held at the beginning of council meeting. Only 2 minutes allowed. I thanked councillor Guy Heywood for proposing BC ADHD Awareness Week and Mayor Darrell Mussato for proclaiming it.

I also suggested that North Vancouver City council ask the new HOpe Center at Lions Gate Hospital to re open the BC Adult ADHD clinic there. The one that the BC Liberals killed in 2007 and abandoned the patients after a year long wait list.

video is at and select october 6th date

I start speaking at 6.47

At 9.20 Psychologist Dr Glen Davies, Director of The Able Developmental Clinic (West Vancouver and Surrey clinics) speaks on BC ADHD Awareness Week


At 16.58 Mayor Mussatto reads the Proclamation declaring October 14-20th  BC ADHD Awareness Week.

Mayor Mussatto said after Dr Glen Davies spoke that all members of North Vancouver City council support declaring BC ADHD Awareness Week.

I’m very pleased to hear that. Here’s a photo of them all including the Mayor.


North Vancouver City Councillors. Back row: Councillor Craig Keating, Councillor Linda Buchanan, Councillor Guy Heywood, Councillor Rod Clark

Front row: Councillor Don Bell, Mayor Darrell Mussatto, Councillor Pam Bookham

Please ask other BC city councillors and mayors in your communities to follow The City of North Vancouver’s lead.

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