BIL Conference in Vancouver. My Notes, Tweets and Photos From Day 2, Sunday March 22nd

See also my Day 1 Notes, Tweets and Photos from the 2015 BIL conference.

Here are my notes, tweets and photos from day 2 of the BIL conference, twitter @bilconf , Sunday March 22nd 2015 and live tweeted it from my @petequily twitter account using the hashtag #bil2015. Depending on when your reading this, twitter might still have some of my tweets on it see or others tweeting about it at #bil2015 or as twitter often does, gets rid of most if not all of them.

Sorry for the sometimes blurry photos, basic cell phone camera and was at the far back of the room.

Photographers photographing photographers in the lobby of the BIL Conference.

photographers photographing photographers bilconference sunday in lobby



Anica John. Deciding to be Happy; a Scientific Approach

So I guess the lesson is, if you want to reducing likelyhood of getting divorced, try not to get married to a materialistic woman

women who spend 20k on weddings are  3.5 x likely to be divorced than those who spend 10-20k

Men who spend $2,000-$4,000 on engagement rings are 1.5 times likely to end in divorce than men who spend $500 to $1000

Average US credit card debt $1,5611 vs average US savings $3,8900


Now, Michael Lutinsky. What if We Could Hack “The Force” from Star Wars and Experience it For Reals?

By default our awareness reaches out to things that move but that will never get you peace. Reach out to the things that don’t move

That nothingness is not a nothing.

Consciousness hack #1 Stretch out with your awareness past your thinky thoughts into the space that is still

Awareness becomes jailed up in thoughts

Different ways to become more conscious


 Me. Consciousness is the universal lubricant that dissolves all.


Tessa Cheng. Reducing Poverty: Giving policy-makers an offer they can’t refuse on now

 Very important talk, I hope she succeeds with her research and goals. Basically getting economic incentives for govt ministries to care about doing something about poverty and short term rewards to do so vs traditional long results that are beyond politicians 4 year election cycles and money spend in one ministry or silo won’t directly benefit that silo but another competing for funds silo.

I.e., my example. If bcliberals govt stops descriminating against ADHD students in school and mandates accommodations for them like other less backward provinces do, you’ll have less suicides, less self medicating with drugs, alcohol and crime and less drop outs and a more educated work force.

This would benefit:

  • Children and Family Development. less dropouts leads to less poverty & un or underemployment so less money spent on people on welfare. Also less teen pregnancy, huge rates with adhd so less single mothers on welfare and less generational poverty & payments to keep those people at inhumanely minimal survival levels.
  • Jobs, Tourism and Skills Training. less drop outs means more skilled workers less money continually training people who have trouble learning with adhd academically or at work because no one has taught them how to deal with the many problems with adhd at school and at work. Many ADDers are entrepreneurs would you rather have more undiagnosed and untreated ADDers burdening the tax base with higher levels of addiction, criminal entrepreneurs, unemployment and divorce or more ADHD legal entrepreneurs  (many entrepreneurs have ADHD) building the tax base and hiring more workers?

bureaucratic silos: well educated society costs educ but doesn’t benefit them but attorney general min less poverty, less crime

con’d What’s holding policy makers back from reducing poverty? Not revenue generating ministries, Cost effectiveness not compelling

What’s holding policy makers back from reducing poverty? Short election cycles, bureaucratic silos,

my ? on selling this to conservative bc lib base. addressing poverty is cheap, it’ the most cost effective think you can do  #bcpoli


Lynne Quarmby. Entering the belly of the Beast: From Activism to Politics. interesting but she’s shouting into microphone  #tooloud

First part was actual content, last was prolonged Green party sales pitch including inviting other Green party members to the stage to sell themselves to the audience.

Science no longer informs policy in Canada. climate change ignored and fossil fuel infrastructure is priority #1

Environmental science has be decimated by harper conservatives. True.  #cpc #vandalhorde

 “Not voting is surrendering to Harper.” True. Don’t bow down in obedience to the #cpc #vandalhorde   #cdnpoli #bcpoli #vanpoli

“Our democracy is a long way from protecting our natural environment.”  #cdnpoli #bcpoli #vanpoli

crappy focus on this (I was way in the back with a cell phone camera) but has important points worth considering


Solution finance groups of projects.  Ecosystems

@hwakelam that was pre #cpc #vandalhorde. govt.  Canada’s govt USED to care about science & fact. Now we’re a petrostate  #cdnpoli

Lynne Quarmby is running for the Green party in Burnaby north Seymour #cdnpoli #bcpoli

campaign speech for the Green Party now  #cdnpoli #bcpoli

Lynne Quarmby is against strategic voting Most greens will be b/c voting green other than e may, will increase odds of #cpc winning

I asked her a question on how to mobilizing the people turned off  harpers republican like polarization and toxifying the political climate to ensure independents & moderate ignore politics and don’t vote. She answered with a Greens sales pitch. Traditional politician. Sigh.


Liz Kirkland  talking about The Sexuality Salon: A Live Community Experience

It was essentially an advertisement for her sexuality salon. Not much actual content. BIL organizers should screen these blatant pitches out.

What’s next? For everyone to be comfortable naked in a pile of brussell sprouts


Suresh Fernando & Emily McGill .commUNITY: Building Shared Space Ekosystems

Suresh was a stockbroker and was involved with Occupy Vancouver. Talked about coworking with a twist, combining for profit, non profit & social ventures all in one space to benefit each other vs just traditional coworking for profit space i.e., Vancouver, New Westminister & Whistlers The Network Hub, who also provides space for many meetups.

proven benefits of existing models  #commUNITY

hypothetical project mix for #commUNITY

hypothetical project mix for #commUNITY




Think this was just brief announcement from the head of #BIL2015 Michael ?

#opensourceconferences  are more democratic and open then elitist events for the rich corporate elite like #TED2015

Wow. “We have 20 #BIL events in #Tunisia.”

Correction. 30. Count em, 30 #BIL events in Tunisia. “It’s open, it’s free, there’s no license and everyone loves it over here.”

TED has signed on for another ten years in Vancouver. So hopefully BIL will be around too


Now paid professional cuddler Marylen Reid @TheCuddlery talking on The Power of Touch, Scientifically Proven

Research benefits of touch #2

In UK research showed people touched 0 times per hour, in US, 2 times per hour, in Latin  200 times an hour


Caroline MacGillivray of @beautynight now talking Community Building For A Cause

make sure your mission statement is so concise and tight that others can share it easily @beautynight

we’ve done over 50,000 makeover with 500 volunteers @beautynight

We had makeshift brochures right off the bat so volunteers could invite other to get involved @beautynight

who can help? What roles do you need filled?

She gave me a big hug and said thank you for making me feel human @BeautyNight

RT @BeautyNight Watch to see what we do at Beauty Night:

Your mission statement should fit on a tshirt

What is your mission, what are you values, what is your definition of success. Keep asking yourself those?


Alfred Hermida Why Nobody Sees What You Tweet and How To Do Something About It

Alfred is a UBC journalism prof and a prolific speaker & author. He’s a polished professional speaker, 2nd time I’ve heard him speak and worth a listen.

Why people don’t see your tweets. Facebook and Instagram posts

Why people don't see your tweets. Facebook and Instagram posts

Life on twitter and social media is also nasty, brutish and short

You need to have the right message at the right time for the right audience if you want your social media message to spread

The parietal junction in our brain lights up on social sharing.

People share b/c they want to share social capital.

Your audience will pick up your message if it adds s/t to their experience. You’re saying I have s/t that’s valuable to you

“Not enough to pump out stuff but to understand your audience & how you can help you.” Yup. @starbucks didn’t

You need to nurture that garden or your message will disappear, so you have s/t that the are willing to listen to your network

Most important element is having the right community.

The right timing is crucial. When is your audience online? local? int audience? twitter/fbook?

The right timing. When is your audience online? local? int audience? twitter/fbook?

If you can find the right audience that cares about your message they will be your evangelists

Even if they disagree. they want to be involved and care about even it s/t they oppose

Is there an audience willing to listen to what i have to say? Is it something they care about. Even if they disagree.

Should be  a topic, a message, already top of mind, things people are already thinking about

Has to be the right content. at the right place and time. in the news

half a billion tweets per day is why few people see your tweets


Melody Ma #THEDRESS and Building a Web for Everyone

Very practical useful talk. Here’s the Canadian govt’s Web Experience Toolkit for web accessibility …

@melodyma ‘s medium articles

Web accessibility evaluation tool 

Web accessibility in mind 

W3C Web Accessibility Initiative 

WCAG web content accessibility guidelines sec 1.41 pertains to colour i.e. the dress @melodyma

4 types of web disabilities

1. health related, blind, adhd

2. age related arthritis, poorer vision

3. transient?

4 technical

13 million pounds increase annually, $700k a week during Christmas Tesco made when they made their website accessible


Eden Bernardy The Actor’s Lens; The Art and Science of Keeping an Open Mind

Overall good talk on the power of empathy vs what’s in it for me and who cares about you. But not happy she demonized and stigmatized ADHD medication. I know people who’ve become drug addicts to self medicate their ADHD because they or their parents believe in the stigma Eden promotes.  Not very empathetic to people with ADHD many who use meds to be able to complete their creative projects vs start a million and abandon most of them. If ADHD meds reduces your creativity you’re on the wrong med or the wrong dose. One med does not fit all ADDers.

“we’re going to try and help you” Air Canada agent.  My reaction was that mean’s you’re not going to do a fucking thing for me

 But in fact it did look like Air Canada was trying to do everything to help me

She’s basically talking about if you want to communicate better reduce your egotism and develop more empathy

 “we get a lot of ADD or ADHD in the classes.” then she’s trying to demonize & stigmatize #ADHD medications. Not very empathetic.

As an ADHD coach, one reason 90% of adult with #ADHD are undiagnosed is b/c people demonize & stigmatize ADHD & ADHD meds

If you want to learn more about stigma against #ADHD check this section out on BCADHD 

She talks about the meltdown scene in Scandal where Michael Walsh the cop goes on a rant. Was a great episode & scene. Watch it here.

To develop more empathy ask people What’s it like to human for you? Not for me

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