Explain Adult ADHD

ADHD Rarely Walks Alone, Comorbid Conditions Usually Exist. Explain Adult ADHD.

Explain Adult ADHD

Part of #ExplainAdultADHD.  A campaign to reduce the ignorance, misinformation, and stigma against adults with ADHD.

ADHD Rarely Walks Alone, Comorbid Conditions Usually Exist.


“Some days my secondary disorders overshadow the first one.

My depression has stemmed from years of undiagnosed ADD.

The regrets and disappointments are almost too much to bear. I have etched each let-down, each irresponsible act, and each broken heart; I’ve etched every time I disappointed someone, every time I didn’t listen, and every time I wasn’t the friend that I should have been.

All of these moments are each etched in a brick. I carry these bricks in a tattered backpack; on my back I carry this weight. I read these bricks every day and relive the pain and hurt I’ve caused; and the pain, hurt, and unrelenting guilt I feel.

I wonder, if now, a new disorder will appear. The Christian in me says, “let go, let God”. That may be the best advice I can give myself.”

By @KariTaber

Her blog is Everywhere But Here.

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