CADDRA ADHD conference in Vancouver Monday Part 1

CADDRA (Canadian ADD Resource Alliance) put on a great ADHD conference. It’s hard to believe it’s their first one. I was wrong on my Sunday post on the numbers of attendee’s conference, it wasn’t 200 but 225 people at the conference.

Met a lot of interesting and very friendly people, and learned a lot about ADHD. I was the only Adult ADD Coach there, but received a very warm welcome. Most of the participants were family doctors, child and adolescent psychiatrists, general psychiatrists and psychologists. There were also some teachers and people who had ADD. Some of the medical professionals also had ADD as well.

The next CADDRA ADHD conference will be in Toronto.

Cynthia Hammer of ADD Resources based in Seattle had a booth selling ADD books. ADD Resources also has a great website on ADD and has a directory of people who help people with ADD and ADD support groups. So if you help ADDers and want to get on the list check it out.

I had several people come up to me to find out what ADD coaching was all about, most for an additional resource for their Adult ADD patients, some to be coached themselves. Part of this was to check me out and what I do so to see if they’d want to refer some of their patients to me.

This I am happy to do. If there are any people from the Vancouver CADDRA ADHD conference who would like to talk to me about coaching (which is done over the phone, so I’m able to coach internationally), or would like a complimentary 30 minute sample session of coaching themselves to see what coaching is all about, I’d be happy to give them a free session of coaching.

Also had great response to my 151 Positive Characteristics of People with ADD handout and the list of popular pages from my 100 page ADD resource website (you can see a larger sitemap here), and the list of online clinical resources (links to articles and CME’s) for diagnosing and treating ADD (you can see a larger map of my site here) and the only list of Canadian ADD support groups by province.

And of course my Vancouver Adult ADD support group brochure. There were many people from Vancouver including Dr. Ted Craigg who diagnosed me with ADD 10 years ago.

I’ll be posting more on the conference later, will try and catch up on some missed sleep over the past 3 days.

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