10,000 Unique Visitors Before Breakfast. Great To Wake Up To! 1

2nd Update. 30,000 Unique hits in 3 days and hundreds of links. Very 🙂

Update. At the end of my very happy blog explosion today, I got 22, 500 Unique Hits, 1074 diggs and #2 in Del.icio.us popular at 275, and a ton of links to sort through, and mainly some very encouraging comments on my blog and on the comment sections of other blogs who posted the link. All that in 24 hours. Life is very good. I hope that all my readers who have blogs get Digged and Del.icio.us’d, it’s a great experience.

Digg and del.icio.us Popular Rock! 834 diggs in 29 hours and #3 on the del.icio.us Popular list. The only thing missing is getting slashdotted🙂

Just when you think it’s over you find out it’s just starting.

I’d post more but have to go to Northern Voice‘s Moose Camp. Nice to have a blogging conference in your city. Will do more later. Got a lot of link love too.

I’ll respond to the blog comments, emails, and complimentary ADHD coaching sample session requests later. Thanks to all who clicked and linked that made it a great day for me before even leaving the house!


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