Talk to the Boss Directly. That’s the Ticket

I Talked to Dave Sifrey, CEO of Technorati at the Moose Camp about my problem getting my blog indexed properly in Technorati. In about 3 minutes the problem was fixed. So the moral of the story is if you have a problem talk to the CEO, they more likely to be biased towards action than their subordinates.

Unfortunately I missed the morning because I had to deal with some of the logistics of getting Digged and Del.icio.used, a task I was very happy to do. Was in a very happy mood all day, despite a lack of sleep. I’ve been blogging for a year and finally had a post that hit it big time. Have 22,000+ hits today so far and still a bit of time left to go. Once I catch up on my sleep I’ll do something to celebrate it.

In some of the sessions I learned more from the questions and comments of the participants than the presenters. One reason to go Northern Voice 2007 is because you get to learn a lot from the well educated techies there, many of whom are very articulate.

Talked to Robert Sanzalone a techie who’s equally comfortable as a speaker (teaching English in Japan helped us both it seems).

Had an entertaining lunch with Chris Pirillo, Ponzi, Ianav, Julia Leung and others. Got to meet WordPress founder Matt and asked him a few questions about my blogging software WordPress, he was very helpful.

A very practical session I attended was the Great Podcast Sound for Cheap by Bruce Sharpe. Bruce gave some great tips for cleaning up audio from podcasts, in contrast to other presenters who it seemed took half of their presentation time just to get started and go over some theory that most of the audience seemed to know, instead of focusing on practial tips. Nice to have some good conversations between session, some so engaging that I missed a session or two. Overall had a very good time.

Went to the BBQ in Stanley Park at night, had a few good chats and a good walk.

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