The Round World Talk

I caught the last part of The world is not flat’s Lee and Sachi LeFever’s talk before moosecamp last Thursday on their 1 year trip around the world that they blogged and vlogged about. You can read and watch some of their some amazing photos and videos of their trip highlights and lowpoints or see their google map of their trip

Talked to Vancouver bloggers and internet strategists James Sherrett and Monique Trottier. Every time I seem them they both seem to be very positively focused, and as a probable consequence, seem to usually be fairly happy. A lesson for us all. What you focus on expands.

Monique gave me a few suggestions on online advocating to create a public Adult ADHD clinic in Vancouver so adults can be diagnosed, since Children’s hospital adult ADHD clinic was so popular they shut the doors to new referrals. James was one of the organizers of Northern Voice. James did a marketing post that reminded me of my days selling Apple computers, the frustration of trying to clue in the clueless.

Also got some good internet advocacy tips for The Vancouver Blogger Meetup Group organizer and therapist Isabelle Mori and had a good talk about the problem of stigma relating to mental health conditions.

Also talked to Jan Karlsbjerg about Danish direct dialog, and comparing and contrasting Japanese and western communication styles.


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  1. you’re welcome James. Unfortunately tue march 27 (the day on the Case Camp Vancouver website) is the same night as my Vancouver adult ADD support group, and since I’ll be running the meeting I have to be there. Too bad, it looks interesting. Will someone be videoblogging it?

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