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The very useful Make Use Of blog has a pretty extensive list of 38 different To Do List Services. They also have links to each service and briefly describe some of the additional features of each service

apart from ‘Create/Delete/Edit Lists and Tasks’

For those of you who haven’t checked out online to do list services, there’s a lot more features nowadays then there was a few years ago.

Here’s some of the features of the different services listed:

Create tasks by dialing provided number and leaving a message

Retrieve and add lists via SMS receive alerts via E-mail, SMS or instant messenger

RSS support

Auto tagging

Sharing and collaboration

Categorize lists, prioritize tasks

Browser addons(firerfox, IE) that let you add notes from any webpage

Schedule lists to autodelete. A handy feature for ADDers who add too many items to their to do lists.

I’ve reviewed a few of these before, i.e., Remember the Milk, Ta-Da List, Joe’s Goals

Sometimes, even if you’re really techie, a paper based solution may be the best fit for you, but it’s probably worth checking some of them out. For those interested in more info on this very common adult add problem, time management I have a list of some time management articles books and websites on my website, and you can also check out the time management category on this blog

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One thought on “38 Online To Do List Services Compared

  • P. LaNasa

    I didn’t see any mention of dailytodo.net on the list. It offers a unique feature not offered by the others. It lets you manage daily, weekly and monthly tasks. That is, tasks that need to be performed on a regular basis.