My BarCamp Vancouver Attention Surplus Condition (ADHD) In Technology Presentation

Went to my first Barcamp Vancouver yesterday, and followed the 8th rule of Barcamp, by doing a presentation, Attention Surplus Condition in Technology. The competitive advantages and challenges associated with having ADHD in the tech sector.

It went pretty well despite a bit of lack of sleep (I’m not a morning person) and had to be there at 9 to pitch it after staying out at the party the night before. So the tea hadn’t kicked in by pitch time so my brain was still waking up. Fortunately, Vancouver photographer and blogger Kris Krug put in a good word for me.

I thought the turnout would be low because my session was at the same time as 2 other good ones that I wanted to see, John Biehler’s Hacking the iPhone in Canada, and James Sherrett’s DIY Ads 0-30 Sec.

So was pleasantly surprised to have a full room. Lots of good questions from the participants including questions on how to deal with colleagues that have ADHD. I probably should do a blog post on that topic. I really enjoyed doing it. Thanks to those who participated.

Here are some links to some of the handouts for those who didn’t get them.

Adult ADHD Screener Test

Top Ten Advantages of Having ADD in a High Tech Career

ADHD Treatment – Technology

Here are a few other links relating to ADHD at work

ADD at work articles

ADHD Friendly Occupations and ADD Work Strategies

Delusional To Do Lists VS Realistic To Do Lists For ADHD Adults

I had a great time there and would recommend attending next year’s event.

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  1. Hey Pete, congrats on the session, and thanks for posting links to your materials for those of us who wished we could have attended.

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