4th Annual ADHD Awareness Day is Wednesday September 19 2007

The 4th Annual ADHD Awareness day will be Tuesday oops Wednesday, September the 19th, 2007.

ADDA, The Attention Deficit Disorder Association has created an ADHD Awareness Day Toolkit

It list the US senate resolution and gives some ideas on how ADDers can:

  • Promote ADHD Awareness
  • Organize an ADHD Awareness Day event
  • Promote the event

ADDA also has some ADHD teleclasses for that week.

Last year some members of my Vancouver Adult ADD support group and I organized an ADD Awareness day in Vancouver.Unfortunately Canada is still behind the US in general awareness of ADHD and resources to manage it. Hopefully that will change and one day we’ll see a Canadian ADHD awareness day and hopefully a global one. (today Canada, tomorrow the world!).

Remember if people with ADHD don’t help raise awareness of Attention Deficit Disorder, no one will do it for us. People with other mental health conditions get more resources than us because they raised awareness and demanded services for their conditions. Even if you just put up a poster in your local library or write a letter to the editor, you could make a difference for someone who has ADD and doesn’t know it.

If you’re doing any ADHD awareness events in the US, you should probably let ADDA know they might help promote it by putting it on their webpage.

If you’re doing any ADD awareness day events in Canada, let me know I’ll blog it to help get the word out.

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