Surfing Shortcuts For Firefox Users

For those of us impatient ADDers, or just those who want to surf the net quickly and efficiently, here’s some keyboard shortcuts for Firefox (you’re not still surfing with internet exploder are you?) from Lifehacker.

Here’s some of the navigation shortcuts from the toolbar

* Select location bar: Ctrl/Cmd+L or Alt+D
* Select search bar: Ctrl/Cmd+K
* Back: Backspace or Alt/Cmd+Left
* Forward: Alt/Option+Right or Shift+Backspace
* Change search engine: Ctrl/Cmd+Down (Next) +Up (Previous)

I’ve been using a lot of Firefox shortcuts for a while, but the select location and search bar was new and useful. More keyboard shortcuts on their site, check the comments for tips too.

If you want a fuller list, try the official Mozilla page with a ton of Firefox shortcuts.

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