Deep Purple’s Smoke On The Water” Japanese Traditional Style, 1,683 Guitarists, And Live At Montreux

Here’s a cool video version of Deep Purple’s Rock classic song Smoke on the Water (based on a true story) performed by Japanese ancient and modern musicians. It starts off with someone playing a shamisen

I still remember one guy I knew in high school playing Smoke on the Water just outside the school during class with an amp so the whole school could hear it. We enjoyed it, not sure what they did to him:)

Here are 1683 people playing Smoke On The Water in Kansas City June 3rd, 2007 for the Guinness World Record.

Apparently, the previous record for playing Deep Purple’s Smoke On The Water was 1,323 people held in my hometown, Vancouver in 1994. Maybe we need another shot at it?

Here’s Deep Purple’s Live Version At Montreux 2006

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  1. M Whitton

    Cool, Thanks for that..

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