Taming The Chaos Decluttering Tips

Adults with ADHD aren’t the only people who have problems with clutter, but we seem to have more problems than most people do for a variety of reasons. I.e., being more impulsive, distractable, disorganized and having more trouble than most people doing boring repetitive tasks, ie cleaning up stuff around the house.

One thing I’d emphasize is the importance of doing one room at a time. Or a portion of the room. Bite off a small sized chunk vs trying to eat the whole elephant at once. ADDers can often see the entire picture and get overwhelmed by it instead of seeing just one piece and working on that.

Adults with ADHD brains are understimulated (not enough dopamine) and thus we avoid boring repetitive things much more than most people do because boring task + understimulated brain= distract out, procrastinate out or shut down.

One way to make it easier to declutter is to crank up your dopamine in order to help you focus by getting some exercise before decluttering, or turning on some music you like.

Also try setting a timer for 10-15 minutes and just spending that long decluttering then stopping. If you want to more you can but you’re only committing to 10-15 minutes vs 3 hours.

What are some of your favorite tips for taming clutter?

10 thoughts on “Taming The Chaos Decluttering Tips”

  1. I found a cool Meme called Tackle It Tuesday which works really well for me. Each Tuesday you pick one task to “tackle”, you do it, and then you blog about it. Since I love blogging, Tackle It Tuesday gives me the motivation I need to do one piece of a bigger project every week! Cool, right?

  2. I had a friend come over, sit on my bed, and pretty much tell me to throw everything out. I threw out 2 80l black bags, and 7 25 liter plastic bags, all full of who-knows-what, and I can only think of ONE THING that I threw away that I think I should have kept- and it was only an old t-shirt. When you are getting listless, having a good friend to pull you back in is great- and having someone to chat to while I do it keeps me there in my room, emptying my wardrobes. I guess having Aideen there distracts me from how bored I am!

  3. I am a professional organizer.
    I think your tips are very good for organizing while dealing with ADD or ADHD. Many people with ADD or ADHD have WAY more than they need because thoughtful and deliberate decision making is a struggle. They therefore, have an abundance of “stuff”. I am a fan of the keep one thing, toss one thing plan. Once the decluttering is done, I suggest they buy colored containers to contain their items. Color makes retrieval easier!

  4. I love the Tackle it Tuesday website, but I’m not a mom…except to two maltipoos. 🙂 Can I still blog on it?

  5. Hi, I’m a professional organiser/declutter with ADD! I love your tips for decluttering. Great effective, simple tips written in a precise easy to understand manner. I still find that it is really helpful to have someone either a friend or a declutterer to help. Although decluttering is what I do for a living I also have moments when I prefer the support of a friend to help me with a decluttering project ie. a couple of months after the birth of my daughter (after months of sleeples nights & purchases it was time to purge all the unwanted baby stuff). It makes it really makes more enjoyable an experience & two set of hands are better then one.

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