ADHD Support Group of the Month Idea 5

I thought about adding a new feature to this blog and my ADD resource website.

I started the  Vancouver Adult ADD support group in 2003, and I’m on the board of another one, CHADD Vancouver. I have a whole section on my website on how to find Canadian, US and International ADHD support groups and how to start, run and promote a support group. I even did a teleclass on how to start one, The Imperfect Guide to Starting an ADD Support Group.

So I guess it’s obvious that I think ADHD support groups can be very useful for Adults with ADHD and parents of children with ADHD. It’s nice to talk with a group of people who you don’t have to “explain” what Attention Deficit Disorder is, they just get it. You get to listen to ADHD expert speakers, meet other ADDers and learn from their experiences, find local resources (while ADD coaches can coach you over the phone from anywhere, you need to see doctors and psychiatrists in person) plus we’re not boring people.

Unfortunately, many ADHD support groups are not good at promoting themselves online for a variety of reasons. Some don’t even have a website or a blog even in this era of free blog hosting software like and blogger etc. I know some people found my Vancouver ADD support group from websites in the US and the UK.

So I thought maybe I’d do a monthly pick of one specific ADHD support groups around the world, and get one of the groups leaders to tell me and you a bit about their ADD support group and how they operate and why ADDers and their families in their area might want to attend their group.

I’d post their answers on this blog and also have a section on my main ADHD support group page on my ADHD website. So the ADHD support group that I picked would get some google juice and traffic from my website and my blog, both of which have a couple hundred unique visitors a day.

Do you think it’s a good idea? Do you think ADHD support group leaders would be interested in it?

What questions would you suggest asking the ADHD support group leaders?

What might you want to know about an ADHD support group in your area that would make you curious enough to attend one of their meetings?

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5 thoughts on “ADHD Support Group of the Month Idea

  • ADHD Child

    Hi Pete, the questions I would ask include:
    a) a brief background of the support group.
    b) who is/are behind its existence.
    c) objectives or mission of the support group.
    d) how many members do they have.
    e) whether any fees involved to become a member.

  • Pete Quily

    Good questions Adhd child. I think most ADHD support groups have either low cost drop in fees to cover things like room rental or photocopying or have reasonably priced yearly memberships.

  • Shannon Zebosky

    I’m a wife to an ADHD. My comment is I understand everything I’ve just read, but my complaint is my husband uses his condition now to manipulate situations, or that’s how I feel. His excuses are he’s sorry bc he has ADHA and forgets things. I think it’s a cop out!!

  • Pete Quily Post author

    ADHD is an explanation. It is not an excuse. You still need to learn how to manage it. Tell him ADDers have higher rates of divorce. Show him this post I did on some ways how to manage it. Top 10 Ways to Manage Adult ADHD