ADD and Loving It?! Adult ADHD Documentary Now Online

ADD and Loving It Movie on Adult ADHD by Totally ADD


If you saw the excellent ADD and Loving It?! documentary and if you think you may have Adult ADD:

1. Take the 5 minute Harvard/NYU/W.H.O. Adult ADHD screener test on my website.

2. To get a diagnosis find a local ADHD support group near you to find a list of medical professionals who know enough about ADHD to diagnose it properly, sadly, many don’t. UBC medical school students get one hour of training on ADHD.

3. The best way to treat ADHD is multiple methods, there’s no one magic pill, you don’t “cure” it, you learn to manage it more effectively with things like Adult ADHD coaching, for practical daily skills for things like procrastination, trouble getting organized, being easily distracted, getting overloaded and overwhelmed, and time management. Also ADHD medications, exercise and meditation to help balance out the brain chemistry and increase focus etc. See Top 10 Ways to Manage Adult ADHD

You can now buy the ADD and Loving It?! ADHD documentary on DVD and use it to educate the people who think Adult ADD doesn’t exist or it’s a failure of willpower/drug company/space alien conspiracy. Here’s the trailer of the movie, and you can buy the DVD here at the great Totally ADD website that has a lot of useful videos on Adult ADD. Help pass the word around about the show, reduce the stigma.

ADD and Loving It?! is a Canadian Adult ADHD Documentary made for Global TV by Canadian Actor/Comedian Patrick McKenna (Traders, The Red Green Show) and Comedian/Director Rick Green. Heard this from Heidi Bernhardt, the National Director of the CADDAC, The Centre for ADHD Advocacy Canada  who was one of the people who helped to make the ADD & Loving It?!  documentary happen. Here’s the team that made the video possible.

Show was very entertaining, informative & fast paced. Perfect for ADDers. I liked Thom Hartmann’s comments near the end “I think probably the most effective treatment for ADHD I’ve seen is coaching” As an Adult ADHD Coach, I agree:)

You can buy the DVD of ADD and Loving it here.

My last post described the ADD& Loving it, and if you read the comments section of that post, people who watched the film were very moved and impressed by it.

If you saw ADD and Loving It!, what did you think of it? Who else should see it and how can you let them know about it?

17 thoughts on “ADD and Loving It?! Adult ADHD Documentary Now Online”

  1. It was good to watch and difficult to watch. Almost had a few tears well up. It was so extremely well done! It struck chords throughout. And to hear that someone such as Tom Hartman has struggled with things I have, well it was just an unbelievable thought, a “wow” moment… I love what Patrick McKenna says about ADHD and his life with it, and the interplay between he and his wife is wonderful. It was very difficult to watch in some ways, because it just spells out the HARD parts of having ADHD in such a sharp, direct, undisguised manner. It made me feel. A lot.

  2. I was a great movie, he didn’t pull any punches and because Patrick and the director have ADHD they know how to reach people with ADHD. Hopefully it airs again and in other places

  3. Dennis Fogleman

    I attempted to purchase “ADD and loving it” but instead I received Error 404 – Page Not Found

  4. this is the best documentary I’ve seen. My daughter has been suffering from this disabilitating disorder for her entire life (she’s 21 now). My own marriage collapsed because my ex has ADHD and I didn’t know how to cope. My daughter and I go to councelling monthly for her ADHD. There is no doctor in Nova Scotia that specalizes with ADHD so we have been fumbling our way through with meds. Oh how I would love to have some of those experts down here. Thanks to Pat and Rick for making this extremely importand DVD

  5. I’m an adhd adult ~and am requesting to be able to watch add & loving it ~ or anything like it ~ (reading) adhd info. is not the same nore as affective ~ I began to watch it at my moms house & never finished it or remember anything that I already saw ~ I am not employed at this time do to being fired almost 2 yrs. ago because of adhd ( mental difficulties )~ I am desperate to make my life easier ~ am 38 & I need help please & Thank U

  6. sandie Paterson

    My 11 year old son has been diagnosed with adhd since 5 years old. Unfortunately the school system in b.c doesn’t consider that a legitimate diagnosis, how unfortunate is that! Basically they consider him to be a bad kid who doesn’t listen or complete his assignments on time or below par .We have just spent months testing him to determine if he has a learning disorder, none so tospeak. loved your program and will suggest it at my nest meeting with school staff.
    when I was watching your show which I have done several times late at night, had to keep watching, couldn’t go to bed, too important to me, you were talking about my son.
    The one thing I have taken from that show is to try and keep his self esteem intact through all the negativity.
    god bless you, and keep it going plz. It means so much to me. thank you, thank you, thank, you. sandie

  7. You’re welcome Sandie.

    Please check out my contact info and email me if you want a list of people known to diagnose and treat adhd in van area.

    BC govt, media and health care bureaucracy don’t take adhd seriously b/c people with adhd and there family members don’t tell them adhd is real and there are real problems

    FYI not my show, ‘s great show

  8. Betty Finbow

    Hi Sandie:

    Although our government here in NS had accepted ADHD as a disability, our school system too still needs a large overhaul in recognizing and adapting to these kids. My daughte is now 22. She was diagnosed when she was 6. I fought with them the whole time regarding late assignments, oral tests instead of written. They wouldn’t go for it and although her high school transcripts paint her as not very educated, she had a psychology test done and she scored in the 94%ile range. That means only 6% of the population of kids her age are smarter than her. If you look at her school marks it is not reflected there. The school systems need to recognize that ADHD kids learn in a different way and they need to adapt to that!!
    I also loved the ADD and loving it DVD. Check out if you haven’t already. Great stuff there!

  9. Is it possible to get a copy of this program.
    Please provide download information if possible.

  10. Thanks for the kind words about the program, Pete! Someone at PBS said it’s probably been seen by over 4 million people by now.

    Keep fighting the good fight! We’ve just delivered the sequel to ‘ADD & Loving It?!’ to PBS to much acclaim. It’s titled ‘ADD & Mastering It! 36 Strategies for Dealing With ADHD. Twenty experts. 36 tips. And Patrick McKenna and I having a riot.

    It’s part of a package, actually, of 4 full length videos. The other three go into detail about…

    1. The science, history and costs of ADHD.

    2. 13 Challenges to getting a diagnosis and what to do about each of them.

    3. How undiagnosed & untreated ADHD/ADD undermines relationships. And how to prevent it from sabotaging marriages, business partnerships or friendships.

    Very exciting!

    Oh, and there’s a video about coaching on our website.

  11. Thanks Rick,

    Great numbers, congrats on your big hit, looking forward to your ADD and Mastering It! show. I’ve sent a lot of people to check out the ADD and loving it movie and your blog, lots of great content there

    good video on the coaching, but better to get an ADHD coach than life coach, life coach may not understand ADHD and maybe counterproductive. But still great video, hope you put clips from the new videos on your blog

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