CADDAC 8th Annual ADHD Conference in Vancouver BC November 12th and 13th 2016

CADDAC 2016 ADHD Conference In Vancouver BC


Want to learn more about ADHD in adults, children & teens? Come to CADDAC’s 8th annual ADHD conference here in Vancouver. Tell your ADHD friends, doctors and teachers. Cross posted to BC ADHD

CADDAC, Centre For ADHD Awareness annual Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder conference used to comes out west to Vancouver BC just once a decade. Now twice! Good sign. Their other annual ADHD conferences are in Toronto and Montreal. Check it out here.

Date: Saturday, November 12th & Sunday, November 13th, 2016

Location: BC Children’s Hospital, Chan Centre for Family Health Education 950 West 28th Avenue, Vancouver, British  Columbia

Who should attend: The ADHD Conference includes two full days of presentations on ADHD and related topics geared towards parents, educators, adults with ADHD and their families, and medical  professionals.”

I attended CADDAC’s 2014 conference.

Also CADDAC’s 2005 conference

I also did a 3 part blog post on their Vancouver ADD Network meeting before the conference. Part one, part two and part three.

I would highly recommend attending CADDAC’s ADHD conference.

Please share this information with your doctor, psychiatrist, psychologist, teacher or BC Liberal or BC NDP MLA to get them to open more adult ADHD clinics in all areas of BC for all ages and children’s ones too and stop discriminating against us in K-12, BC got a grade of Fail in CADDAC’s ADHD school report card.

And start screening for ADHD in provincial jails 21-45% of prisoners have ADHD 15 clinical studies show.

Day one of CADDAC’s 2016 conference is just focused on children and teens with ADHD at school and at home.

Day two has some session on ADHD in adults and also on children and teens with ADHD too.


Day one, Saturday presentations.

Understanding ADHD and its impact on learning and school functioning Presented by Dr. Rosemary Tannock

The ABC’s of ADHD in the Classroom Presented by Dr. Penny Corkum

Supporting Executive Functioning in Children and Youth, A Workshop for Parents Presented by Ryan Santin

Emotional and Self-Regulation Difficulties and Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD) seen in Children with ADHD Presented by Heidi Bernhardt

How to Reach and Teach Children with ADHD in the Classroom Presented by Dr. Penny Corkum


Day two, Sunday presentations.

ADHD and Coexisting Disorders through the Life Span Presented by Dr. Diane McIntosh

ADHD in Education Systems Presented by Heidi Bernhardt

Making a List and Checking it Twice: A Practical Guide to Executive Functioning for Adults with ADHD Presented by Dr. Elisabeth Baerg Hall

The ABC’s of pills and skills: Multimodal Treatment for ADHD Presented by Dr. Geraldine Farrelly

Women and Girls with ADHD….Saints, Sinners, Scholars Presented by Dr. Geraldine Farrelly

The Ups and Downs of Emotion Management for Adults with ADHD Presented by Dr Elisabeth Baerg Hall

Parents as Friendship Coaches for Young Children with ADHD Presented by Amori Mikami

The ADHD Journey: Transitioning from Adolescence to Adulthood Presented by Dr. Elisabeth Baerg Hall

Calmer Parent, Calmer Kids: Mindful Strategies for Reducing Stress at Home Presented by Dr. Candice Murray and Dr. Jake Lock

ADHD Strategies and Accommodations for the Workplace Presented by Heidi Bernhard


You can register for one or both days

Conference schedule

Conference descriptions

Speaker biographies

Please print out and share CADDAC’s Conference flyer

Please also help get the word out about CADDAC’s ADHD conference to anyone who has ADHD, or ADHD family members or works with people with ADHD including teachers.

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