ADHD Awareness Month Activities 2016 And Ideas For ADHD Book Displays In Your City, Province or State

ADHD Awareness Month 2016 Canada

ADHD Awareness Month 2016 US
October is ADHD Awareness month. Here’s what’s going on and some ideas for ADHD book displays in your city, province or state based on what I and volunteers of my Vancouver Adult ADD Support group have done in BC for 4 years. 

Canadian ADHD Awareness Month site.

American ADHD Awareness Month site.

US ADDA’s Daily TADD Talks, Talking about ADD Talks every day in October.

Swedish site. Will your country be the next to have and ADHD Awareness week or month?

No BC ADHD Awareness activities this year, but here’s what we did in years past.

In 2014 we had 122 BC Libraries and bookstores in 68 BC communities with BC ADHD Awareness week book displays with our poster, Vancouver Adult ADD support group brochure, CHADD Vancouver ADHD support group brochure, Adult ADHD screener test, books on ADHD and books by publicly confirmed authors with ADHD in all corners of BC.

You might consider modifying what we did with ADHD book displays in Libraries to have ADHD book displays in your city, province or state.

Key is making it easy for librarians to say yes by providing lists of ADHD books and books by authors who have gone public with ADHD who have written non-ADHD books. Plus online or printed collateral, scripts for your volunteers to phone and email them, AND follow up and for you to track it in excel or something like that. Details below.


Map of 2014 BC ADHD book displays


Map of 2014 BC ADHD book displays Metro Vancouver

Our Poster

Our Badges


Final BC ADHD Awareness Week 2014 Badge with URL


2015 BC ADHD Awareness Activities

2014 BC ADHD Awareness Activities

2013 BC ADHD Awareness Activities

2012 Metro Vancouver ADHD Awareness Activities

Vancouver ADD Awareness Day 2006

Librarian & Bookstore Resources For BC ADHD Awareness Week:

ADHD English And MultiLingual Titles Book List by dewey decimal, author and title by TheKerrisdale Library in Vancouver

List Of Authors Who Have ADHD And Have Written Non ADHD Books

11 Advantages Of Having ADHD As A Writer

Our BC ADHD Awareness week poster.

Our Vancouver Adult ADD Support Group brochure

CHADD Vancouver ADHD Support Group brochure

Harvard Adult ADHD Screener test

Downland and share our poster, badges and brochures.

What you can to to help get the word out

Photos of 2014 ADHD Awareness Week book displays in libraries & bookstores

And more resources on, ADHD stigma, socio-economic costs of ADHD, teaching ADHD students, ADHD in adults, ADHD in children etc.


Here are some photos of some of the library and bookstore  BC ADHD Awareness Week book displays

Emily Carr Branch, Greater Victoria Public Library ADHD Book Display. Thanks Vicki

Odin Bookstore

Odin Bookstore

West Vancouver Memorial Library ADHD Book Display. Thanks Ehlam

100 Mile House Branch Library ADHD Book Display. Thanks Gina

New Westminster Public Library Main Branch ADHD Book Display. Thanks Kate

North Vancouver City Library @northvancitylib ADHD Book Display. Thanks Patricia

North Vancouver City Library @northvancitylib  ADHD Book Display. Thanks Patricia

Me and Christopher at Richmond Brighouse Library

Me and Christopher at Richmond Brighouse Library. I got diagnosed with ADHD because I saw a list of ADHD symptoms in a CHADD Richmond (sadly no longer operating) ADHD poster and an ADHD book display on the 2nd floor many years ago.

Jade and Christopher at Richmond Brighouse Library

Jade and Christopher at Richmond Brighouse Libary

90 percent don't know sign west end community Center

90% don’t know sign West End Community Center

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