Explain adult ADHD to non ADHD adults Adult ADD Strengths

“Attention Deficit” Is A Misnomer. Explain Adult ADHD


“Attention Deficit” Is A Misnomer.

By Catherine Novak.

Explain adult ADHD to non ADHD adults Adult ADD Strengths

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“Attention Deficit” Is A Misnomer.

“It’s not that I can’t pay attention – it’s that so many things are clamouring for my attention! Having ADD is like living life without filters.

It’s always a conscious effort to choose what I am going to pay attention to, among many, many things that are all shouting at me “HEY, OVER HERE!”.

Once I pick that focus, however, I’m all in. I may not hear the phone ring, or that you want my attention. I might say “Yeah, OK” to your request that I get the milk, without knowing I said a word.

I literally won’t register that a part of my brain heard you were talking and responded back to you.

This is in part a problem with regulating attention and in part a self-defense mechanism.

Once I’m locked in, I don’t want to go back out to the overwhelming world without filters.”

By Catherine Novak.

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