Explain adult ADHD to non ADHD adults Adult ADD Strengths

Why You Need Me. Explain Adult ADHD

Why You Need Me

By Linda.

Explain adult ADHD to non ADHD adults Adult ADD Strengths

Part of #ExplainAdultADHD. Crowdsourcing ADHD adults to help reduce ignorance and stigma by non-ADHD adults against our fellow adults with ADHD.

Share the most important point you want non-ADDers to know about what it’s really like living with Adult ADHD, I post it on my blog & share it on social media with the hashtag #ExplainAdultADHD and encourage others to share it. Anonymously or full name.

Why You Need Me

“I am a Registered Psychiatric Nurse. I have been told that I am a poor student, and don’t know how to study “properly”. That may be true.

I have not had the “hyper” part of the special attributes we have, but I have something people need.

I am the person you want when there is a dire emergency. This is my calm and happy place.

I can see everything that needs to be done, and set about doing it, while those around me are still freaking out.

I can hyper focus, and it is the best feeling in the World. Everything slows down, for me, and all becomes crystal clear.

This is not a flaw, or a fault, it is an adaptation that can save lives.”

By Linda.

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What is your most important point you’d like to share with non-ADHD adults to help educate them and reduce stigma for us adults with ADHD?

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