Explain adult ADHD to non ADHD adults Adult ADD Strengths

ADHD Medication? – This Is Why! Explain Adult ADHD

ADHD medication? This is why!
By @Mrallday2u2

Explain adult ADHD to non ADHD adults Adult ADD Strengths

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ADHD Medication? – This Is Why! Explain Adult ADHD

“How I’d like to explain it to the child: When your eyesight is poor – You can get glasses. …When you have adhd – The medication is like glasses to your brain!

To the gambler: When the jumpy racehorse get distracted by everything – You can’t really change the horse’s temper but you can get blinkers to block out most of the unnecessary inputs. …Yeah, that’s medication to me!

To the car owner: When your car, that might be a Ferrari, is stuck in the first gear you’ll actually be able to go really fast, but the engine will get busted real soon. …Medication helps me to “change the transmission box” so you can gear up and go faster with less effort!

To the working person: The boss at the office might be brilliant but he/she can’t run the company if the assistant doesn’t present him with the proper information, because of all the junk mail that’s arriving. …Medication is like getting the “head”-assistant a junk mail filter so the boss may get the adequate information to execute suitable actions.

(Btw In my company you can’t fire and replace the assistant…) 😉 Best Wishes!”

By @Mrallday2u2

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This is another example of how I’d like to think of me on meds! Dance by The Human Experience

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