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We Stand Alone. Explain Adult ADHD

Explain Adult ADHD
Part of #ExplainAdultADHD.  A campaign to reduce the ignorance, misinformation, and stigma against adults with ADHD.

We Stand Alone

“There is much more and my opinion, worse effects of true add/adhd patients suffer. Adaptation for survival. We stand alone in a world we learn from childhood to carry their demons.

You will never know one of us who have made it thus far. You will know of the personas we dress into every morning. We have become very intelligent and control the attention defect having to hear your rhetoric years on end. We know your reactions.

We will give the scapegoat ready for you to jump on, a drug or drink always at hand so you find our place in your illusion and giving you a simple reason since our truth, explanations, and genuine tears of sorrow can never be wiped away.

Our begging and yelling from mountaintops in every sector upon this planet of sentient being failsafe translation. There is no place for us, no special bus, no handrail, no pews or prayers to be sought.

At my state of this illness, I can tell you your love is completely conditional, your businesses unreliable, and your religions accept lepers with a kiss compared to how we are treated.

There ends up to be nothing anyone can do to us. We are the homeless. We are the alcoholic or drug addict, we are the stupid and forgotten.

We never can get close to people because we only where a mask, though the mask gives you an easier avenue for your abusive nature, we are not liars, we all ready know you think it’s lies or excuses, demons, voodoo, or out to get you personally.

The mask comes off late night, and the hard part begins. I have to set up a new life, be hated be friends and loved ones, come up with another self employment resume cause no job will last, as we progress, the jobs last far less and no matter how hard we care and work, whatever happens will be accounted to us.

If we have to reveal a small portion of control loss, sleep disorder, doctor appointments, we suffer your abuse and labels, not star next to previous employers.

We can no longer get angry or frustrated for your stupidity, we have an inability to be incarcerated, so the alcohol, drugs, and assumptions of theft remains on your shoulders.

I am at a state where laughter is an every day event when my cures and should do’s have not changed in 40 yrs.

But where you live with your assumptions and have thrown us out of your workplaces and beds, taking our children and careers, we do not die easily, we will not forgive nor forget, we are far more important than retaliation, we have learned what you will do, say, and how you will act or omitting to act.

Our masks control your reception at the meetings tomorrow, our escape plans are in our back pockets, nothing you say or do is trusted nor assumed safe to tell you our life story, I am giving a new doctor in a new rural beach village a chance of brutal honesty because unlike most commoners, we can never give up.

Failure is never an option, there is nothing we cannot fix or make right if time and communications exist, very few have such the time nor love, we do.

We are not broken, we are not helpless, out lives are always in a future that we had from. But we here and there, I know you my brothers and sisters, please get off the drugs, deal with the pain, I cry with you every night, I’m there with you at breakfast and we prepare a fearless day, and I’m there when you can see how free we are, how our riches come to us.

If your young, don’t let the anger win, once you realize everything non-sufferers of adult add/adhd is always the same, use what they do to your advantage, I am starting my companies and will give you one to run if and fate may have, you have the assets to not only live with integrity, honesty, and share with others like us, be careful, they will find a way to cure you, watching TV, all night, take away lucid dreaming and sleepless nights with ideas that you know you can do but there day job ignores, I’ve been there, they will distort you so your pretty enough, drug you to be lethargic enough, and even give you part of their lives to lure you into their world, but if they know you they will never treat you right, be honest with you.

Or advance your incredible mind, most of us are not attention deficit, believe in your self, I stand alone, hid amongst corporate thieves and corrupt politicians, doctors oath only applies to insured, well I personally understand and will never love you any less, we are better.

To my kind, sincerely, conscious.”

Stephen Cadell


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