To ADHD Families And Friends: We Love You. Explain Adult ADHD


Explain Adult ADHD

Part of #ExplainAdultADHD.  A campaign to reduce the ignorance, misinformation, and stigma against adults with ADHD.

To ADHD Families And Friends: We Love You

“Emotional regulation impairment often unable people with ADHD to appropriately express their feelings.

Some of our behaviours are considered hurtful personal attacks by the ones who live with us.

But none of these actions will ever mean that we don’t care or we don’t love.

We try our best to express the intensity and authenticity of our feelings. But, at times, we fail.

Families of people with ADHD: just know this.Despite negative behaviours. You are loved. And will always be.”

By Erica Bruce.

Erica’s Youtube channel

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