Moosecamp Presentation Attention Surplus Condition (Aka ADHD) in High Tech

Update: Here’s the wiki page for the ADHD presentation on the Moosecamp Wiki

I’m doing a presentation at Moosecamp at the Northern Voice Blogging Conference in Vancouver today. Title is Attention Surplus Condition (Aka ADHD) in High Tech. Managing all that Extra Energy and Creativity. So if you or anyone you know or work with have the gift and the challenge of ADHD, and are at the blogging conference at UBC today, please show up with your questions. Thanks to noted Vancouver Photographer and digerati Kris Krug for the encouragement. Here’s the overview

There’s a lot of people in the digital world with the gifts and challenges of Attention Surplus Condition. It can be a competitive edge in many areas of the digital world with the benefits extra energy, creativity, rapid fire mind, mulitasking ability, hyperfocus and the ability to think 2 levels beyond the box. But if not managed properly it can cause a lot of problems in work and other areas of your life. We’ll talk about what it is and is not and how to manage it. You might want to look at Top 10 Advantages of ADD in a High Tech Career (especially the comments) and Top 10 Ways to Manage Adult ADHD. Questions encouraged.

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