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Just Like You

“I think something we ADHDers struggle with but, don’t talk about much is our sense of inferiority. It’s true, we feel, somehow, like were “beneath” our peers. As if everything we’ve tried to accomplish and failed is on display on a billboard above our heads! We live with the shame of failure that most NT’s (neurotypicals) will never feel.

We just want to see something, anything, through til the end. We wonder; how do you guys do it? How do you devise a plan, map it out, gather necessities, and see it through?? ADHD brains cannot do this at all.

We are envious of all your accomplishments. We want so badly to be able to get out shit together enough to even make a plan. We do, we want to be like you.”

By Kari Selkirk Taber. @SelkirkSays Her blog is Everywhere But Here


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  1. I found out at age 62 that I have the combined adhd and now I have the answers of what is wrong with me. In the past 19 years I have been fired from 4 jobs for poor job performance. I found out and was fired before I was treated. The boss knew of my adhd and was in a hurry to get me out of the company. I lost my health insurance which is hard for me to get treatment or therapy. I am on adderall which I pay out of pocket 10 mg twice a day. I don’t think it is helping me and I am afraid to get another job only to be fired again.

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